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Extra-Wide Placemat Tutorial

I’ve always found placemats to be too expensive, especially when you are dressing your table for a larger crowd. Every holiday I find myself trying to cover stains with crystal and silverware. At about $8 each, if I were to buy 10 placemats for my table, that would be $80 in placemats. And of course, then I wouldn’t have coordinating napkins either. Not only that, but I can never find a design I really love. And really, the average placemat is not even big enough to hold your glass, silverware, and plate. The glass always seems to be teetering on the edge of the placemat. Basically, I’m not happy with fabric choices,  price, or the size of store bought placemats.

Fed up with the inadequate real estate on the average placemat, I decided to design an extra-wide placemat to accommodate the glass, silverware, napkin and plate. This is a perfect project for a new sewist.

First, cut a piece of batting and two pieces of fabric 21″ wide X 13″ long for each placemat you would like to create.

Place the batting down, and place the front of the placemat on top,  right-side up.

Placemat Tutorial Side 1

Take the fabric for the backside of the placemat and put that right-sides together with the placemat front.

Placemat Tutorial Side 2

Sew all three pieces together with a ¼ inch seam on all sides, leaving an opening so you can turn the place mat right side out.

After your placemat is turned right side out, fold together the opening and sew shut.

Then, sew around your placemat again with a ¼ inch allowance. You are done!

Placemat Tutorial Reverse

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