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Home Management Binder

I feel like all I do is clean and pick up. I work so hard, but my house never seems to look peaceful and neat. Do you ever feel like that – – like you can never catch up? I decided to get back on a housekeeping schedule, which forces me to address specifics such as dusting – – something easily overlooked. Last year, I created a home management binder, and my house was so much neater, and my life was well-organized. I fell off the binder-wagon, and my house spiraled into chaos. Because I couldn’t walk the past couple of months, very bad things have happened to my homes’ organization. Can you imagine not being able to walk around your house to pick things up? I just resumed being subject to a schedule, and it really does work. There is accountability in creating a list of expectations. Not only do I use this binder to house my homekeeping schedule, but also a weekly meals list, my calendar, and other important information.

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